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The National Association of Young Historians of Moldova - ANTIM

Nowadays ANTIM is part of a small number of youth organizations in Moldova that pursue to promote national values through history.

InfoHis Center


The activity of the National Association of Young Historians of Moldova covers many areas but it's directly connected to history and its fundamental problems. It's record already includes traditional organized conferences that are sounding the great historical events, scientifically publications, volunteering for the protection and conservation of cultural heritage, etc.

We will not neglect the inspired initiative to create and develop a centre for studies and information on matters of history, bearing the loud title - INFOHIS.

An idea that grew from the young people's passion for history, who have tenaciously insisted to create this centre in order to expand their possibilities to inform and document themselves on history. Since 1999 the project provided the development of the technical assistance and information center, equipped with a library of historical books.

Currently INFOHIS is not just an information centre; its values were extended to a forum of historians and enthusiasts of the past, which found it in this favourable climate. A series of academic and cultural institutions from Moldova and from abroad encourages young people's work through valuable donations of books and technical equipment, which are essential for center's activity. More than 6000 books and periodicals unpretentiously answer the needs of the students, graduates, doctors and teachers as much as a tendency to inform and document on the problems of national and world history.

Students of history, philology, law, psychology, etc., from different higher education institutions of the country have already set an effective and viable collaboration in the centre, for several years, and discuss the relevant issues of various fields (history, society, youth, etc.). This is proved by the articles published in the center's newsletter, that is bearing the same title - InfoHis. The bulletin pages publish scientific articles of its members and correspondents and reflects ANTIM volunteers's activity.

In addition to this well defined opportunity, the centre has meant to help educating the younger generation by promoting the historical cultural national spirit. This has been easily noticeable while attempting a return to the true national values based on historical studies, documents and research. The young historians have acknowledged the insufficiency and the lack of historical books.

Therefore the centre's activity is expected to last for a long time and insists to be passed to the local and regional level. Much of the materials are distributed in schools (gymnasiums, lyceums), colleges and universities.

Its beneficiaries'satisfaction lies in the centre's pluses, among which we mention a rich collection of historical books and magazines, including old and rare book series of dictionaries and encyclopaedias, collections of documents, the Internet access to the bibliographical database Dyabola, etc.

1 Ion Creanga Street, Central Building, 406th hall,
Chisinau, MD-2069
Phone: 022/742436