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The National Association of Young Historians of Moldova - ANTIM

Nowadays ANTIM is part of a small number of youth organizations in Moldova that pursue to promote national values through history.

Goals and Objectives

The National Association of Young Historians of Moldova (ANTIM)

Mission of ANTIM: To develop the national and international cooperation through history learning, research and preserving cultural heritage.

Aim of ANTIM: Foundation of a forum where the young historians could express their professional and social interests.

Objectives of ANTIM:

  • Education of young generation in the spirit of responsibility for the historic-cultural heritage;
  • Familiarization of youth with the main problems of national and World history, with the modern methods and ways of investigation;
  • Facilitation of exchange of historical information through different academic and editing activities;
  • Developing the Information Centre INFOHIS with library focused on history.

Beneficiaries: BA, MA and PhD students, young scholars, school teachers and other persons interested in the problems of history and cultural heritage.

Activities:conferences, seminars, summer schools, research projects, publication, youth exchange, etc.

Video Gallery ANTIM participation

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